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1 May 2018 Even those participants who claimed pop culture is unimportant suffered psychological ill effects from feeling out of the loop - release for research digest blog about an article 'The negative consequences of being out of the loop on pop culture' by N E Iannone, J R Keey and K D Williams 'Who’s that?' published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture;

2-4 May 2018 BPS Annual Conference Nottingham
1. Bridging the gap between school and university science - release for paper by Julie Hulme
2. Researchers use lost postcard method to investigate the public's view on communicating neuroscience - release for paper by Robert Blakey
3. Researchers to present at our annual conference on the benefits of vlogging for sufferers of severe mental illness - release for poster by Irina Sangeorzan and Panoraia Andriopoulou
4. Liberals and Conservatives cry “Fake news!” for different reasons - release for paper by Craig Harper
5. Men identify with fictional characters of both genders - release for poster by Nathan Hook
6. Why brown-eyed girls get the blues - release for paper by Lance Workman, Nathalie Akcay and Michael Reeves
7. Colouring stops students going over the edge - release for paper by Nicola Holt .
8. Instagram beauty is in the eye of the account holder - release for paper by Ellie Harris
9. The tricks cold callers use to keep us hanging on - release for paper by Bogdana Huma, Elizabeth Stokoe and Rein Sikveland
10. Gossiping bosses improve team culture - release for paper by Kirk Chang
11. More than an hour a day on social media leads to body dissatisfaction in women - release for paper by Martin Graff
See also 17 May 2018

2 May 2018 Psychologists to work closely with other scientists in health and social care - press release for British Psychological Society Memorandum of Cooperation with the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) the two bodies agree to exchange knowledge and achieve mutual recognition of modernising psychological and scientific careers; identify areas of joint career and professional development opportunities; develop reciprocal access arrangements; speak with a united voice on items of mutual interest.

2 May 2018 A radical new theory on facial expressions - release for research digest blog about an article 'Facial Displays Are Tools for Social Influence' by Carlos Crivelli and Alan Fridlund published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

3 May 2018 What we regret about being the person we have become - release for research digest blog about an article 'The ideal road not taken: The self-discrepancies involved in people’s most enduring regrets' by Thomas Gilovich and Shai Davidai published in Emotion.

4 May 2018 Learning by teaching others is extremely effective - release for research digest blog about an article 'The learning benefits of teaching: A retrieval practice hypothesis' by Aloysius Wei Lun Koh published in Applied Cognitive Psychology;

4 May 2018 Society signs Memorandum of Understanding with our Portuguese counterparts - press release about British Psychological Society Memorandum of Understanding with Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses (OPP) to develop reciprocal access arrangements to research for their members; develop work exchange programmes and other experiential learning opportunities; organise collaborative events; share best practice and provide grants to encourage collaboration.

8 May 2018 Our beliefs about nationality are mixed, malleable and may help explain attitudes toward immigration - release concerning research digest blog about a letter 'Folk theories of nationality and anti-immigrant attitudes' by Mostafa Salari Rad & Jeremy Ginges published in Nature Human Behaviour

9 May 2018 Society welcomes Education and Health and Social Care Committees' joint report on mental health green paper - press release that the British Psychological Society welcomes Education and Health and Social Care Committees’ joint report, 'The Government’s Green Paper on mental health: failing a generation'.

9 May 2018 More time spent abroad increases “self-concept clarity” – confidence in and clarity about who you are - release for research digest blog about an article 'The shortest path to oneself leads around the world: Living abroad increases self-concept clarity' by Hajo Adam published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes;

10 May 2018 Sports Coaches with an interest in the brain are especially prone to believing neuromyths - release for research digest blog about an article 'The Prevalence of Pseudoscientific Ideas and Neuromyths Among Sports Coaches' by Richard Bailey published in Frontiers in Psychology;

11 May 2018 15-year study: stress did not increase risk of breast cancer among women with a genetic susceptibility to the disease - release for research digest blog about an article 'Does stress increase risk of breast cancer? A 15-year prospective study' by Phyllis Butow published in Psycho-Oncology;

14 May 2018 Glasgow University research finds that one in nine young adults in Scotland report having attempted suicide - release of statement by the British Psychological Society in response to report 'Suicide attempts and non-suicidal self-harm: national prevalence study of young adults' published in BJPsych Open

14 May 2018 Study suggests your adulthood self-esteem has its roots in the way you were raised as a child - release for research digest blog concerning an article 'The family environment in early childhood has a long-term effect on self-esteem: A longitudinal study from birth to age 27 years' by Ulrich Orth published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology;

15 May 2018 Applications are being welcomed for NICE committee Chairs - release promoting opportunity to apply to chair a NICE [National Institute of Clinical Excellence] guideline committee;

17 May 2018 Children find outdoor lessons more fun and enjoyable - press relase for Outdoor classroom days promoting paper by Derick Moore given at the BPS Annual Conference

17 May 2018 Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, Season 2 online toolkit launch - statement 'As part of an international coalition SAVE of leading experts in education, mental health and suicide prevention the BPS shares concerns regarding Season 2 and supports the launch of a website toolkit for the public to help guide young viewers through tough subject matter in the popular Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why' - also links to 'Understanding and Preventing Suicide' position statement published the previous year.

18 May 2018 Chess grandmasters show the same longevity advantage as elite athletes - release for research digest blog concerning an article 'Longevity of outstanding sporting achievers: Mind versus muscle' by An Tran-Duy published in PLOS One;

21 May 2018 New research reveals our folk beliefs about immortality – we think the good and bad will live on, but in very different ways - release about research digest blogs about article 'To Be Immortal, Do Good or Evil' by Kurt Gray published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin;

22 May 2018 Society Ballots: You can Choose to Vote Online - BPS member to vote on a President Elect and a new member of the Research Board, and to decide on whether four proposed new Society Sections should be formed (Cyberpsychology, Defence and Security, Male Psychology, Political Psychology).

22 May 2018 Inaugural DARTP conference to be held in Birmingham next month - BPS Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers will be holding their first annual gathering at Birmingham City University from 6-7 June

22 May 2018 New research says benefit sanctions are ineffective and damaging - BPS response to Economic and Social Research Council report. Dr Lisa Morrison Coulthard, the Society’s acting director of policy, “The Society remains extremely concerned at the lack of evidence that benefit sanctions lead to increased employment. We have seen increasing evidence that such sanctions undermine people’s health and wellbeing, and that people with multiple and complex needs are disproportionately subject to them. “The Commons select committee on work and pensions has now launched its own inquiry into benefit sanctions - how they operate, recent developments and what the evidence is that they work. The Society will be submitting written evidence and has offered expert members to provide oral evidence to the committee.

23 May 2018 Strangers are more likely to come to your help in a racially diverse neighbourhood - elease about research digest blog about a paper 'People in more racially diverse neighborhoods are more prosocial' by Jared Nai published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology;

23 May 2018 BPS sponsors online public engagement in health and social psychology - release that BPS sponsoring two zones 'Society and Wellbeing' in 'I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here' competition.
See also release of 6 June 2018

24 May 2018 Growth mindset theory doesn’t translate directly from kids to adults – telling an adult they are a 'hard worker' can backfire - release about research digest blog about a study by Rachael Reavis published in the Journal of Genetic Psychology

24 May 2018 Women in Science Database to raise the profile of women researchers in psychology and neuroscience - release that Royal Holloway University of London, the British Psychological Society and the British Neuroscience Association are backing new initiative, the Women in Science Database (WISDATABASE), to recognise the contribution of women to psychology and neuroscience research.

25 May 2018 Upcoming BPS webinar on returning to work following mental health sickness absence - membership event whereby Dr Joanna Yarker and Rebecca Peters will talk about ways in which support for mental health can be incorporated into an organisation, and some of the latest research into absence management, to be held on 14 June 2018

30 May 2018 Taking Psychology to Politicians and Policy makers in Scotland - relase for BPS stand in Scottish parliament 29-31 May 2018 sponsored by Maree Todd MSP

30 May 2018 Physically active academic school lessons boost pupils’ activity levels and focus - release for Research Digest blog about research by Emma Norris 'Physically Active Lessons Improve Lesson Activity and On-Task Behavior: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial of the “Virtual Traveller” Intervention' published in Health Education and Behavior;

31 May 2018 New Guidance for Psychologists working with community organisations launched today - release for guidelines developed by the BPS London Community Psychology Network.

31 May 2018 People who think their opinions are superior to others are most prone to overestimating their relevant knowledge - release for research digest blob about an article 'Is belief superiority justified by superior knowledge?' by Michael Hall and Kaitlin Raimi published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.
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