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DescriptionBritish Psychological Society's (BPS) Professional Affairs Board (PAB) meeting papers:

16 January 1988 Professional Affairs Board Agenda, Minutes and Papers [Note: Final meeting at which Training Committees and Board of Examiners reporting to Board after which they report to the Membership and Qualifications Board MQB.] Including amended terms of reference, LEA [Local Education Authority] funding for the training of Educational Psychologists; response to Joint Council for the GCSE on candidates with dyslexia; Education Reform Bill; Comment on Community Charge [Poll Tax] in Scotland and Exemption for Mentally Handicapped; correspondence with Edwina Currie concerning The Data Protection (Subject Access Modification) Health Order; proposed position statement 'Community Care' on closing of mental hospitals and care in the community; progress on statement on funding of clinical psychologists by bursaries; guidance on the preparation of Society policy statements; transfer of review of policy on length of approved educational psychology courses to MQB [Membership and Qualification Board]; confirmation by CNAA on consultation prior to awarding of doctoral degree in clinical psychology; BPS CCETSW Liaison Group on Training; representatives on Committees and Working Parties; promotion of the Register of Chartered Psychologists; proposed Division of Research Psychologists; proposed Working Party on Psychological Services for Adults with Acquired Brain Damage; need for guidance for social workers in the interviewing of children suspected of being victims of child abuse; ideas for position statements; 'Psychology Services for Children, Young Children and Their Families' BPS paper of information for the British Paediatric Association on child psychological Services; draft annual report; appeal for funds from the National Children's Bureau.

27 February 1988 Professional Affairs Board Agenda, Minutes and Papers including funding of training of Educational Psychologists; correspondence with Edwina Currie concerning The Data Protection (Subject Access Modification) Health Order; proposed Working Party on Psychological Services for Adults with Acquired Brain Damage; nominations to the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland; nomination for Editors of the Society's journals; proposed topics for policy statements; action plan for the Steering Committee on Test Standards; report by the Working Committee on the Training of Psychologists 'Key Equal Opportunities Issues that Should Be Covered in BPS Criteria for Evaluation Training Courses in Applied Psychology'; draft guidelines on interviewing children suspected of being the victims of child abuse; evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Social Services Resourcing the National Health Service; announcement of 5th general assembly of EFPPA [EFPA]; proposed IUPsyS statement on Psychology and Health; proof of annual report of working parties and standing committees; report of representative on the Scottish Advisory Committee on Top Grade Scientific Posts.

8 April 1988 Professional Affairs Board Agenda, Minutes and Papers including policy statements from DECP Training Committee 'Initial Training of Educational Psychologists'; Comments on Report on Scottish Examination Board Arrangements for Candidates with Special Needs'; statement on funding of clinical psychology training by bursaries; position statement on care in the community - over taken by Griffiths report Community Care Agenda for Action; standards in hypnotherapy; nomination forms for committees and working parties; UGC Research Selectivity Exercise consultation; proposed policy statements; SHHD Consultation Code of Practice on Confidentiality of Personal Health Information; request for comment Police and Criminal Evidence Act Code of Practice review; request for evidence to the Kincraig Review of Parole; DHSS conference on Promoting Women's Health; consultation mechanisms of EFPA; representatives on external organisations, report from representative on MIND. Association of Workers for Maladjusted Children and Therapeutic Education [later SEBDA Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association], Voluntary Council of Handicapped Children, Rugby Conference on Psychotherapy, Age Concern England, Working Party on Collaboration in Healthcare and the Scottish Advisory Council on Top Grade Scientific Posts;

10 June 1988 Professional Affairs Board Minutes, Agenda and Papers including policy statement 'Current Issues in the Initial Training of Educational Psychologists [previously The Training of Educational Psychologists]; Data Protection Act (Subject Access Modification Health) Order correspondence with Minister of Health; advice in interviewing children suspected of being victims of child abuse; relations with Standing Committee on Communications and timing of responses and statements; response to Association of Community Health Councils for England and Wales on Standards for Hypnotherapy (Institute of Hypnotherapy and Parapsychology); delays in responding for advice to reply to Kincraig Review of Parole; correspondence with EFPA concerning consultation processes; doctoral degrees in clinical psychology; diploma in social work; appointments to Committees and Working Parties; terms of reference for new Working Party on Psychologists and Social Services; nomination as Editors of the British Journal of Educational Psychology and Occupational Psychology; report of the Working Party on the Future of Psychological Services; Royal College of Psychiatrists statement on HIV, AIDS and Psychiatry; request for evidence to Committee of Enquiry into Discipline in Schools; draft letter to Minister of Education on testing in schools; preparations for forthcoming Butler Sloss report on Cleveland Child Abuse; funding of training for Scottish Educational Psychologists; should psychologists be exempt from Jury service; need for trade union for clinical psychologists.

23 September 1988 Professional Affairs Board Agenda, Minutes and Papers including initial training of Educational Psychologists; Charter promotion spokespeople; response to Committee on Enquiry into Discipline in Schools; response to Education Reform Act Financial Delegation to Schools; Access to Client Records Working Group; amended terms of reference of the Working Party on Psychologists and Social Services; representation on Boards, Working Groups and Committees; comments on the report of the SAB Working Party 'The Future of Psychological Sciences: Horizons and Opportunities for British Psychology' ; review of whether 1981 statement 'Psychological Tests A Statement by The British Psychological Society ' should go to all new members; proposed working group on Butler-Sloss Report on Child Abuse; NACP seminar 'Crossing Boundaries - An Inter-Professional Approach to Child Care; Use of Video Recordings in Legal Proceedings; Collaboration in Health Care Working Party; discussion paper on Doctorates in Clinical Psychology (Chris Cullen); proposed MSC Foundation Course in Generic Psychology (Fraser Watts); progress reports on consultations on Scottish poll tax, confidentiality of personal health information; Mental Health (Scotland) Act Section 119 Draft Code of Practice; Committee of Inquiry into the Care and After Care of Miss Sharon Campbell; Alcohol Misuse; Civil Emergencies, Punishment Custody and the Community; Working of the Whitley Council and Health Service Performance Indicators; invitation to take part in Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference on Multiaxial Classification in Mental Handicap; Board budget.

19 November 1988 Professional Affairs Board Agenda, Agenda, Minutes and Papers including policy statement 'The Initial Training of Educational Psychology'; progress report on consultation on interviewing children suspected of being victim of child abuse; interdepartmental working group on Mental Disturbed Offenders in Prison, Mental Health (Scotland) Act, Section 119 Code of Practice, Committee on Inquiry into the Care and Aftercare of Miss Sharon Campbell, civil emergencies; copy of evidence on the Social Services Committee of the House of Commons on the Operation of the Whitley Council; promotion of register; joint task group with SAB to be set up to respond to proposals on the National Curriculum; proposed conference on doctorates in clinical psychology; proposal to have a policy statement on multiaxial classification in Mental Handicap; appointments to Committees and working parties; comments to the Manpower Planning Advisory Group Clinical Psychology Study; report of the Working Party on Psychology and Physical Disability; correspondence with BPS Standing Committee on Communications on quality of PAB response to the enquiry into Discipline in Schools; proposed merger with the SAB Scientific Affairs Board; discussion paper on the Distinction between Divisions and Sections (Fraser Watts); report of the Joint Standing Committee with the Royal College of Psychiatrists; proposed ethics committee; standards for non clinical psychologists in the NHS; report on EFPPA [EFPA] 5th General Assembly Rome; Rugby Conference on Psychotherapy creation of a Standing Committee on Psychotherapy; report from the BPS representative on the Voluntary Council for Handicapped Children; refusal to complete Working Party on Alternative & Complementary Medicine survey; Age Concern golden anniversary; Commission for Racial Equality correspondence concerning possible ethnic bias in testing; appointment of Peter Mittler to the Schools Examination and Assessment Council.
NotesThe History of Psychology Centre is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our users. Be aware that our catalogue contains historic terminology relating to mental health which could be considered offensive. The terminology exists within the original record and has been retained to inform users on viewpoints at the time. It in no way reflects the attitudes of the cataloguers or the British Psychological Society.
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BPS/001/11/04/03/04/21 Response and Lobbying to Proposed Education Bill Clauses on Funding for Educational Psychologists 1986-1987
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/12 DES Circular on LEA Training Grants Scheme 1985-1987
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/67 Comments to Joint Council for the GCSE Provision for Candidates with Specific Learning Difficulties 1987-1988
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/55 Response to Community Charge in Scotland Mentally Handicapped Exemptions 1987-1988
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/14 Comments on the Data Protection (Subject Access Modification Health Order 1987
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/53 Comments on the Home Office Guidance on the Use of Video Technology at Trials of Alleged Child Abuse 1987
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/71 Comments on Report on Scottish Examination Board Arrangements for Candidates with Special Needs 1987-1988
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/24 Response to Griffiths Report on Community Care: Agenda for Action 1988
BPS/001/11/03/01/07 BPS Press Releases 1988 including statement on Community Care
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/64 Comments on the Report of the Interdepartmental
Working Group on Mentally Disturbed Offenders in Prison
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/25 Response to proposed UGC Research Selectivity Exercise 1988
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/76 Evidence to SHHD Kincraig Inquiry on Parole and Related Matters 1988
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/27 Evidence to Parliament Committee of Enquiry into Disruptive Behaviour and Discipline in Schools 1988
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/73 Comments on Department of Education Guidance on Schemes of Financial Delegation to Schools 1988
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/72 Evidence to Select Committee on Operation of the Whitley Council 1988-1989
BPS/001/11/04/03/04/69 Comments on Department of Education Draft Circular on Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties 1988
BPS/001/11/04/02/04/08 The Implications of the Funding of Clinical Psychology Training by Bursaries 1987-1988
BPS/001/11/04/02/04/36 The Future of the Psychological Sciences; Horizons and Opportunities for British Psychology 1988
BPS/001/11/04/02/04/38 Services for Young Adults Patients with Acquired Brain Damage 1987-1989
BPS/001/11/04/02/04/43 Psychology and Initial Teacher Training of Educational Psychologists 1989
BPS/001/4/01/03/28 Commission for Racial Equality 1988
BPS/001/4/01/03/25 Age Concern Golden Jubilee 1990
BPS/001/11/04/02/04/45 Psychology and Initial Teacher Training 1988-1991
BPS/001/4/01/03/05 Rugby Conference on Psychotherapy 1984-1986
BPS/001/4/01/03/21 BPS Professional Affairs Board PAB and External Communications 1988
BPS/001/13/02/03 Age Concern
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