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DescriptionBritish Psychological Society (BPS) Professional Affairs Board (PAB) meeting papers:

13 January 1991 Minutes, Agenda, Papers including response to Scrutiny of the Prison Medical Services; correspondence with SEAC on children's reading standards; relationship with Professions Allied to Medicine; representation on the Steering Committee on Test Standards and the Liaison Group with the CCETSW; draft terms of reference for Standing Committee on Confidentiality and Access to Information; report of representative on the Health Care Professions Educational Forum; PAB Task Force on the Implications of Changing Trends in Professional Psychology; EFPPA general assembly and constitution; discussion paper on the issue of the regulation of professional practice e.g. in psychological therapy; support for DCLP in responding to consultations; proposed award for distinguished contribution to professional applied psychology; DECP [Division of Educational and Child Psychology] position paper 'Special Education Needs: Civil Rights'; help for psychologist in Roumania; creation of Special GRoup for Psychologists in Central Government; disbandment of MPAG III initiative and effect on funding of clinical psychology; views of DCLP and DECP and of the Government on statutory registration of psychologists; disclosure of confidential information to school governors; guidelines for symposia by subsystems [Member Networks] at Society Conferences; support for Action in International Medicine; contact with IPMS [trade union], encouraging psychologist to apply for public appointments; proposed changes in public appointments on Boards; lobbying Minister concerning continuing professional development of educational psychologists; support for Age Concern on using of old age to depict infirmity or illness; response to consultation on Guidelines on the Welfare of Children and Young People in Hospital; report of the representative of The National Children's Bureau, Age Concern England; draft annual report; support from the Institute of Personnel Management for the certificate of competence in occupational testing.

1 March 1991 Minutes, Agenda, Papers including discussion of the creation of a General Teaching Council and whether Educational Psychologists would register with that rather than a proposal Society statutory register; proposed meeting with Minister to discuss continuing professional development of Educational Psychologists; Society statement on age bias; response to Council for Professionals Supplementary to Medicine on application from the professions of art and music therapy; appointments to the Steering Committee on Test Standards and National Panel of Assessors on Scottish Advisory Committee on Top Grade Scientific Posts; meeting with AEP Association of Educational Psychologists on cross-professional supervision during initial professional training ; group to consider minimal standards of competence in the regulation of professional practice; condition and procedures of awards including May Davidson Award; proposal for Presidents Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Applied Psychology; proposed visiting psychologists scheme; comments on Department of Education draft circular 'Local Management of Schools Further Guidance'; comments on All Wales Strategy for the Development of Services for People with Mental Handicaps; briefing paper on meeting [National Council for Vocational Qualifications] NCQV on introducing Level V accreditation; minutes of meeting of the UK Inter-Professional Group 15 January 1991; briefing notes on dealing with the EFPPA General Assembly; report of meeting on CCETSW Joint Training of Clinical Supervisors and Practice Teachers; report on workshop 'Contracts and Responsibilities: The Agenda for Training in the 1990s. A Workshop to address the challenge to education and training stemming from the policy, organisation and practice of Care in the Community; letter from Sir Donald Acheson concerning future consultation on health care planning;

01 April 1991 Minutes, Agenda, Papers including progress of new educational psychology course in Dundee; evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Education, Science and the Arts on Reading Standards; correspondence with the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine concerning art and music therapists; review of Services for Mentally Disordered Offenders; report of the Task Force on the Implications of Changing Trends in Professional Psychology; appointments to the National Panel of Assessors; statement of interest of representative on the Voluntary Council for Handicapped Children; members of committees and working parties; Terms of Reference of Steering Committee on Test Standards; process for appointment to Parliamentary Groups; representation on the IPM Career Counselling and Outplacement Form, MIND, British Association for Counselling Division for Counselling in Medical Settings; Europe and International Affairs; workshop for those training for competence in Occupational Testing; discussion paper on the implications of an expanding number of sub-systems [Member Networks]; recommendations of the Report of the Working Party on Psychologists and Social Services and proposed Special Group; EFPA constitution and secretariat issues; letter from Stephen Dorrell (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health) on BPS report 'Mental Impairment and Severe Mental Impairment'; response from MENCAP to 'Psychological Therapy Services and the Need for Organisational Change'; Psychological Counselling of Sperm Donors - letter in The Times by Peter Morris BPS President responding to announcement of the STA [Statutory Licensing Authority] that sperm donor to be given counselling; notes on Information Committee meeting27 February 1991; internal communications audit; report of the Working Party on Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value [working party of the BPS Standing Committee on Equal Opportunities; letter from Department of Education and Science about funding of training of educational psychologists; response to Scottish Law Commission Discussion Paper No. 88 Parental Responsibility and Rights. Guardianship and the Administration of Childrens' Property; notes by Chris Cullen on meeting at the Department of Health on Mental Handicap Services;

07 June 1991 Minutes, Agenda, Papers including correspondence with Minister concerning funding for CPD for educational psychologists; representation on the Lead Body for Guidance and Counselling; proposed clearing house for initial training of educational psychologists; HSE [Health and Safety Executive] proposed International Conference on Risk Assessment; representation on the CCETSW; representation on MIND; training on ethical issues for applied psychologists; constitution and minutes of EFPPA [EFPA]; report on President's Taks force on Equal Opportunities and representation on the new Council Standing Committee for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities' Law Commission Mentally Incapacitated Adults and Decision Making: An Overview; progress report on Working Party on Clinical Psychology Services for Offending and Anti-Social Behaviours; BPS comments on proposed Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act Code of Practice; invitation to be represented on a Home Office Criminal Justice Bill Policy Steering Group to look at a code of practice for child evidence; confidentiality of data returns; BPS articles in News from EFPPA

27 September 1991 Minutes, Agenda, Papers including representatives of BPS Special Groups in the Board, job description of Honorary Editor of The Psychologist and terms of reference of The Psychologist Editorial Committee; request for representaion on the Tavistock Clinic Working Party on Child Abuse; representation on CCETSW Liaison Group; representation on Government Advisory Panel on Sexually Explicit Films; NCVQ Level V Exemplars Project; issues publicising the work of the Board in The Psychologist; report of EFPPA General Assembly and revised constitution and working group on Brussells and the EEC Directive on the Liabilities of Suppliers of Services, as well as representation at a meeting of the UK Interprofessionals Group and SEPLIS (Secretariat European des Professional Liberals), possibility of an EEC Sectorial Directive on Counselling and Psychotherapy; reactions to the report of the Task Force on Changing Trends in Professional Psychology; proposed working party with the Royal College of Psychiatrists on Psychological Therapies; sponsorship of a symposium on Psychology and Social Work at the BPS London Conference; budget; training social workers and liaison with CCETSW; report of the [Membership and Qualification Board] MQB Working Party on the Undergraduate Curriculum in Psychology; response to White Paper Education and Training in the 21st Century, comments on 'Action in Truancy in Scotland'; response to Children Act 1989 Children with Disabilities; support for BMA campaign to ban tobacco advertising; representation on British Association of Counselling Sub Committee on General Practice considering standards and training for counsellors working in general practice; proposal to comment on the 'Parents Charter'; comments being collected for Society to All-Wales Strategy for the Development of Services for People with Mental Handicaps; proposed response to Advisory Council on Science and Technology [ACOST] committee on medical research and health; proposal to respond to GCSE - Poor Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation; invitation to respond to Royal Commission on Criminal Justice Review of the Justice System in England and Wales; arrangements for consultation on people with learning disabilities (mental handicap); request for comments by the Royal College of Psychiatrists Report on Good Medical Practice in the Aftercare of Patients Discharged from Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment; guidance on the implications of the Access to Health Records Act 1990; printing and distributing conference abstracts with The Psychologist, proposed changes to layout and marketing of The Psychologist; report of representative on the British Institute of Mental Handicap; report of representative on Age Concern England; proposed affiliation to the International School Psychology Association (ISPA); affiliation to the European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology; petition to reopen Burt Affair

09 November 1991 Minutes, Agenda, Papers including concern over claims that the Royal College of Psychiatrists report on Good Medical Practice in the Aftercare of Potentially Violent Patients Discharged from In-Patient Psychiatric Treatment incorporated comments made by BPS; sector mapping and NCVQ Level V Exemplars Project; resignation of Bruce Napier Deputy Executive Secretary; nominations to the Scottish Advisory Group on Scientific and Clinical Psychology Staff; invitation to King's Fund Seminar on Health in Europe; extension of qualification by chartered psychologists; advice request from Radio Authority Code on code of advertising standards for hypnosis, hypnotherapy, psychology, psychoanalysis and psychiatry; terms of reference of The Psychologist Editorial Committee and publicising the work of the Board; comments on Changing Trends in Professional Psychology 'The Role of the Market in Educational Psychology Services' (Douglas Conochie) and The Use of Terminology of Business by Psychologists (John Young); response of EFPPA on EC [European Community] proposal for a Council Directive on the Liability of Suppliers of Services; minutes of EFPPA [EFPA] Executive Meeting 11 July 1991; announcement of Society sponsored MPs; proposed Philip E Vernon Institute; report Confidentiality Analysis of the Current Problems and A Request by the Standing Committee on Confidentiality and Access to Information (Bernard Kat); reorganisation of the British Institute of Mental Handicap.
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