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TitleBPS Professional Affairs Board PAB Papers & Responses I
Extentc 42 folders
DescriptionFiles of typed and printed material concerning various British Psychological Society (BPS) Professional Affairs Board (PAB) consultation and response papers.


Reprint ' Memorandum on the Future Provision of Rehabilitation Services' from Bulletin British Psychoogical Society (1971), 24, 139-145

Reprint 'Report on the Future of the Employment Service' (1971) from Bulletin of the British Psychological Society (1971), 24, 137-138

BPS Memorandum presented to Sir John Foster on behalf of the Secretary of State for Social Services to enquire into the practices and effects of Scientology (1971)

BPS answers to the Davies Committee Questionnaire 'Working Party on Complaints within the Hospital System' (1971)

BPS 'Memorandum of Evidence on the Treatment of Young Offenders' (1971)

Reprint (copy) 'Marriage counselling by members of the Society' by Ethel Venables, Chair PAB Working Party on Marriage Guidance' (1976)

Reprint 'The Society's comments on the DHSS Review of the Mental Health Act 1959' from Bulletin British Psychological Society (1977), 30, 223-226

BPS PAB Summary of recommendations ' Evidence to the Royal Commission on the National Health Service' (1977)

Reprint 'The Society's evidence to the Data Protection Committee (Home Office) from Bull.Br.psychol.Soc. (1977), 30, 244-288

BPS PAB 'Evidence to the Home Office Review Committee on the Prison Psychological Service' (1978)

Correspondence concerning 'Inquiry into the United Kingdom Prison Services' (no BPS response) (1978)

Northumberland Area Psychological Committee comments on Draft Health Circular ' Health centres and other provisions for primary health care' (1978)

BPS PAB 'Manpower Survey: Psychologists and Mental Handicap' (1978)

BPS PAB 'Evidence to the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure' (1978)

BPS comments on: 'Day Services for Mentally Handicapped Adults' NDG Pamphlet No.5 (1978)

BPS comments on: 'Health Service Complaints Procedure' DHSS document (1978)

BPS comments on: 'Prevention in the Child Health Services' Court (1978)

BPS comments on: 'Youth Custody and Supervision' Home Office green paper (1979)

BPS comments on: 'DHSS Interim Health Building Note No. 36 Health Centres' (1979)

BPS PAB 'Evidence to the DHSS Working Party on Observation and Assessment' (1979)

BPS 'The Society's Response to the Consultative Document on the report of the Committee of Enquiry into the Education of Handicapped Children and Young People (Warnock report)' (1979)

BPS PAB 'Evidence to the DHSS Joint Working Group on the Primary Health Care Team' (1979)

BPS comments on: 'Report of the Committee of Enquiry into Mental Handicap Nursing and Care (Jay Report)' (1979-1980)

BPS comments on: Home Office Consultative Document 'Marriage Matters' (1980)

BPS PAB response to 'Working Together to Safeguard Children: New Government Proposals for Inter-Agency Co-operation: Consultation Paper' (no date)

Reprint 'Comments by the Society on 'Helping mentally handicapped people in hospital' from Bulletin of the British Psychological Society (1980), 33, 61-63

Reprint 'BPS PAB: The Society's comments on the report of the Committee of Enquiry into Normansfield Hospital' from Bulletin of the British Psychological Society (1980), 33, 00-000

BPS comments on: 'Care in the Community' (1981)

Reprint 'Registration of Psychologists: Political realities and the way forward: A Progress report from Bulletin of the British Psychological Society (1983), 36, 380-381

Reprint ' Guidelines for a Code of Conduct for Psychologists' from Bulletin of the British Psychological Society (1983), 36, 242-244

Reprint 'Recommendations for the Registration of Psychologists' from Bulletin of the British Psychological Society (1984), 37, 1-7

BPS comments on 'Review of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984

BPS PAB 'Evidence to the House of Commons Social Services Committee on the Mis-Use of Drugs with Special Reference to Treatment and Rehabilitation of Mis-Users of Hard Drugs' (1985)

1 file containing: Correspondence and material relating to the Cleveland Enquiry (1987) (includes a copy of the Cleveland Report by Butler-Sloss)

BPS response to 'Report of the Committee on the Ethics of Gene Therapy' (1992)

Correspondence concerning 'Access to Health Records Act 1990' (1992)

Correspondence concerning 'Education (School Records) Regulations 1989' (1992)

A Report prepared for the PAB by the Working Party on Clinical Psychology Service for Offenders and People with Antisocial Behaviour Problems, 'Psychology and Antisocial Behaviour' (1993)

BPS comment on proposed creation of The UK Library of Psychotherapy, Counselling, and Mental Health at Regent's College (1993-1994)

BPS response to 'The Health of The Nation' (1993)

'Administrative Arrangements Required for Supervision Registers' (no BPS response) (1994)

BPS response to 'Draft Guidance for the NHS on the Confidentiality, Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information' (1994)

BPS comments on draft Department of Health document: 'Guidance on the Discharge of Mentally Disordered People and Their Continuing Care in the Community' (1994)

1-folder Draft Bill by the Multi-Disciplinary Professional Working Group (BDA, BMA, BPS CRC,RCM, RCN) 'A Bill Governing Use and Disclosure of Personal Health Information' (1994)

BPS paper to the Employment Committee of the House of Commons regarding the social and psychological effects of unemployment based on 'Benefit Agency? Labour Market Disadvantage, Deprivation and Mental Health' by David Fryer (1994 C.S.Myers Lecture, copy enclosed)

BPS (DECP) response to 'Placement for Adoption: consultation document', (1994)

BPS comments on 'Draft Regulations on Pupil Referral Units' (1994)

Report of the Expert Panel Appointed to Consider the Effects of Participation in Performances of Stage Hypnotism (1995)

BPS 'Comments on the Draft Proposal for Evaluation of Different Types of Residential Provision for People with Learning Disabilities' S.Hobbs and L.O'Sullivan (1995)

BPS Joint Policy Statement on Race and Mental Health BPS endorsement of The Mental Health Foundation's Briefing Paper No.8 (1997)

BPS (DECP) response to 'Early Years Development Plans for 1998/99: Draft Guidance for Consultation' (1997)

BPS comments on 'Genetic Testing for Late Onset Disorders: Consultation Report' (1997)

BPS (DCP) response to 'Review of Prescribing, Supply and Administration of Medicines' (1997)

BPS (DCLP) response to 'Preventing Children Offending Consultation Document' (1997)

BPS response to MHF questionnaire 'Investing in the Future' Evidence for the Mental Health Foundation's Inquiry into the Mental Health of Children and Young People' (1997)

BPS (DCLP) letter to Home Office in response to 'Crown court rules: Crown Court Witness Summons (Third Party Disclosure) (1997)

BPS (DECP) Consultation Response to 'Draft Guidance on LEA Behaviour Support Plans' (1998)

BPS (DECP) response to ' School Exclusion and Truancy (Social Exclusion Unit) Cabinet Office' (1998)

'The Crime and Disorder Act 1998-Sex Offenders Order and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders guidance papers' 1998

BPS response to 'The Retrieval, Storage and Use of Human Gemetes (Sperm and Eggs) and the Consent Provisions in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990' (1998)

BPS response to 'The British Inquiry into Disaffected Children' (1998)

BPS (DECP) response to 'Regulation of Early Education and Day Care' (1998)

BPS response to 'Accreditation and Teaching in Higher Education: Consultation paper (1998)

BPS response to NHS 'A First Class Service' (1998)

BPS response to 'Who Decides? Making Decisions on Behalf of Mentally Incapacitated Adults' (1998)

Me, Survive Out There? New Arrangements for Young People Living in and Leaving Care (1999)

BPS response to 'Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and Their Families (1999)

Scottish Office policy statement 'Health, Social Work and Related Services for Mentally Disordered Offenders in Scotland' (1999)

BPS DECP response to 'Proposed Revision of the SEN Code of Practice' (1999)

BPS DCP/DHP discussion paper ' Faster Access to Modern Treatment-How NICE Appraisal will Work (1999)

BPS PAB response to 'Draft Guidance on Children Involved in Prostitution' (1999)

BPS response to 'Dangerous People and Severe Personality Disorder' (1999)

BPS (DECP) response to 'Draft Guidance on 'Social Inclusion: Pupil Support' (1999)

1-folder containing Draft Outline Proposals by Scoping Study Committee (Review of Mental Health Act 1983) 1999-2000

Improving Mental Health Law, Towards a new Mental Health Act (2004)

Organising and Delivering Psychological Therapies (2004)

The Government's Response to the Children Act Sub-Committee's Report: 'Making contact Work' (2004)

1- file Comments on Evidence-Based Measurement of Psychiatric Outcomes (2005) (this paper is marked 'Restricted')

Consultation on the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate Service (2005)
Scottish Executive Education Department 'Guidance on Parenting Orders' (2005)

1- folder of various reports, responses and consultations including:

Tomorrow's Children (2005)

Bournewood Consultation (2005)

File concerning Scottish affairs including:

'5-14 Development Programme: Arrangements for National Testing (1992)

BPS response to 'Scottish Courts Administration Consultation Paper on Further Measures to Support Child Witnesses in Civil and Criminal Proceedings' (1997)

BPS Scottish Branch (DCP) response to 'Review of Supervision Arrangements for Sex Offenders'

BPS (DCLP) response to ' Health and Social Work and Related Services for Mentally Disordered Offenders in Scotland' (1998)

BPS (Scottish Division of Educational Psychology) response to 'Special Educational Needs in Scotland: A Discussion Paper' (1998)

Social Work Service Group of The Scottish Office Home Department CRU report ' A Review of the Research Literature on Community Services for Mentally Disordered Offenders' (1998)

FormatTextual Material
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BPS/001/11/03/05/14 Evidence to the Committee on the Ethics on Gene Therapy 1989-1990
BPS/001/11/04/02/06/07 BPS response to 'Dangerous People and Severe Personality Disorder' (1999)
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