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Physical DescriptionThe older letters are slightly faded.
DescriptionFile contains typed and handwritten correspondence received and sent by J.C.Kenna during his spell as Honorary Archivist of the British Psychological Society.

Also included in this file is a copy of a letter received by Geoffrey Leytham.

Details as follows:

Letters received from:

Robert A.Peel, The Galton Institute London, concerning information on the reprinting of a cartoon, 29 December 2000

R.Todd Crumley Assistant Archivist, Duke University Archives concerning an inventory of William McDougall's papers (inventory enclosed), 1 April 1998

Mrs J.E.Rumens (daughter of C.S.Myers (1873-1946), Gloucester

Myers' obituary on the death of Charles Gabriel Seligman (1-letter (21/03/98) , Torres Straits Expedition also included, 15 March 1998

Dr Alice Huddy, Manchester concerning William McDougall's letters among Samuel Alexander Papers held at University of Manchester Library, 28 September 1998

Barry McGraw, Director The Australian Council for Educational Research Ltd, Melbourne concerning an invitation to Kenna to visit ACER's new building in Camberwell, Melbourne during his next visit, 6 May 1994

Professor Dr. Berthold Riese, Bonn University concerning genealogy of Fritz Graebner, 20 April 1992

Prof.Hans Wysling, Zurich concerning forwarding of Kenna's letter to Professor Golo Mann, 6 April 1992

James Alcock, York University Canada concerning Professor Graham Reed's death, 28 March 1994

State Library of Victoria, National Library of Australia and West Australian History Library to Miss E.M.Kenna Chatswood Australia concerning the location of the private papers of Arthur Atlee Hunt, 22 April, 2 May and 17 May 1991

K Metcalf , Headteacher, Yeadon Westfield School, Leeds concerning information regarding Katherine Tennant undated

Mrs Iris French, Leeds concerning information regarding Katherine Tennant, 18 December 1987

Mike Gatty, NSW Government office concerning Kenna's research into German internees in Barrima Gaol, NSW, Australia, 1914-1919, ? December 1986

Roslynn Membrey, Parliamentary Librarian, Parliament of Western Australia concerning information on Fritz Graebner and Bronislaw Malinowski, 10 October 1985

Ivan Lawrence, Australian Archives NSW, concerning the internment of Professor Fritz Graebner and Bronislaw Malinowski during World War I, 3 October 1985

Dan Midalia, Australian Archives, East Victoria concerning information on Fritz Graebner and Bronislaw Malinowski, 13 September 1985

Kate Owen, Librarian, Sydney Morning Herald concerning Berrima Gaol's prisoners of war, 30 August 1985

Deirdre Schaeffer, Reference Librarian, Dept of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Canberra concerning information on Fritz Graebner and Bronislaw Malinowski , 21 August 1985

J Hopper, Dept of Defence Melbourne concerning German nationals in Berrima Jail NSW during the First World War , 12 August 1985

Curator, Written Records Australian War Memorial Canberra concerning no information available, 6 August 1985

Assistant Keeper of Photographs, Victoria and Albert Museum concerning John Buck's address, 20 November 1980

Handwritten letter in French from Dr ?Wane addressed to Manchester University concerning psychological studies, 31 January 1975

Handwritten letter from Ted? concerning Kenna's questions, 31 January 1975

Handwritten letter from E? concerning various matters 13 March 1972

Dilys D? concerning her blindness (paper attached) 5 May 197?

Ken? (airmail) USA concerning Kenna's appointment as assistant lecturer in Berkeley University, USA 26 December 1947

Winifred Raphael concerning the Children of C.S.Myers, 27 January 1969

Grace Rawlings, London concerning Miss Fildes correspondence (enclosing 2-letters concerning their Aunt's papers), 22- 30 April 1968

Monifieth District Council, Dundee concerning William Playfair, 14 February 1967

A.W.Harding , Dundee College of Education concerning information on William Playfair, 22 December 1967

City Librarian, The Corporation of Dundee concerning information on William Playfair, 14 December 1967

Miss E.G.Ritchie (great-grand-daughter of W.Playfair) concerning information on William Playfair, 23 November 1964

?Mayniy Playfair-? concerning information on William Playfair, 26 November 1967

Professor J W L Adams, University of Dundee concerning information on William Playfair, 30 November 1967

A.F.Meredith , University of Dundee concerning information on William Playfair, 24 November 1967

Professor Warner Brown, Berkeley California , Christmas card undated

Keeper of Manuscripts, Edinburgh University Library concerning portrait of Miss Margaret Playfair's address, 22 November 1967

Philip Frere, London concerning information on Philip Howard Frere, 16 March 1966

? University of Liverpool concerning James Sully's children, 18 October 1965

Professor L Hearnshaw concerning James Sully's children, 3 October 1965

John R. Krueger ,The Mongolia Society USA concerning Kenna's work on transvestism

Cedric A.Larson, New York concerning a copy of the APA History of Psychology Newsletter (copy enclosed)

Hufner ? Deutscher Baderverband E.V. Bonn concerning information on Theodor Schott, 29 April 1963

Meteorological Office library concerning Whipple G.M. portraiture reference, 17 April 1963

Alice H. Hales (wife of Frank Hales) concerning the Hales' family history, 2-letters, February and September 1962

Professor C.A.Mace, Birkbeck College, London concerning biographical dictionaries and other matters (2-letters), 16 and 29 September 1961

Grace Rawlings rejecting Kenna's references for inclusion in BPS Jubilee booklet, 4 August 1961

Professor C.A.Mace, Birkbeck College, London concerning publishing a book, 6 May 1961

Jack Tignan? (possibly Jack Tizard), MRC Maudsley Hospital concerning an omission in Kenna's Psychologists and the Royal Society, 22 January 1961

Hannah Steinberg, University College, London concerning an amended manuscript, 28 June 1960

? BPS concerning publishing Kenna's 'list of portraits', 31 December 1959

Librarian, The Royal Society concerning Kenna's amended typescript of his article on Psychologists and The Royal Society, 28 October 1959

Librarian, The Royal Society concerning Kenna's article on Psychologists and The Royal Society, 13 October 1959

Assistant Secretary (pp) The Royal Society concerning Kenna's permission to publish for his article on Psychologists and The Royal Society, 14 September 1959

? UCL concerning including Kenna's supplement on The Royal Society in the September issue 8 May?

The Galton Laboratory, University College London concerning information on Galtonia, 10 November 1958

Geoff (?Leytham) University of Liverpool, Dept of Psychology concerning E.C.Tolman's list, 2 December 1957

E.C.Tolman, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of California concerning Brunswick's list of publications, 5 November 1957

Geoff (?Leytham) University of Liverpool, Dept of Psychology concerning Brunswick's list, 25 September 1957

J.W.Cox, Pontypool concerning recording memories of C.S.Myers, 17 August 1957

D.F.Vincent, National Institute of Industrial Psychology (NIIP), London concerning Spearman's first two factorization formulae, 27 July 1954

Roger W.? Biscall University College, London concerning funding and the British Psychological Society presidency, 10 February 1954

Professor James Drever, University of Edinburgh concerning his father's visit to Meumann's Laboratory at Hamburg, 1 February 1954

Ernest Beaglehole (1906-1965), Victoria University, New Zealand concerning British students studying psychology in Germany, 2 February 1954

Professor C.A.Mace, Birkbeck College concerning locating documentary evidence on Occupational Psychology, 15 January 1954

Mary Gibson Smith concerning Kenna's planned visit, 31 December 1953

Miss Gladys Blunt, Secretary BPS concerning BPS Presidents 1938-1945, 3 December 1953

Sub-Librarian Trinity College Cambridge concerning an enquiry for information, 6 January 1953

George M.Hindle Lancashire ,concerning Hindle's education and army career, October 15 1951

Handwritten letter (unreadable signature) concerning Virginia Woolf, 9 September 1941

H Tasman Lovell, University of Sydney concerning bi-lingualism and other matters, 25 July 1940

Ernest Jones ( qty 3- handwritten) concerning a personal interview, 3 April ?, 25 November? and 14 January ? (no year given)

Letters (2) to and from Dr.Anna Freud concerning Kenna's request for a tape recorded interview from Dr. Freud for the BPS archives, 27 August 1963 and ?

Copy letters sent to the following:

Hannah? concerning Kenna's article on The Royal Society, 17 February 1960

Miss G Blunt, Secretary BPS concerning BPS presidents, 12 December 1953

R Birley Eton College, concerning Galton's laboratory at Eton, 25 November 1953

Mr Bartlett, note of thanks, 4 December 1953

Sub Librarian Trinity College Library, concerning James Ward Fellowship, 29 January 1954

Mr Kaye, The Royal Society, concerning references in J C Kenna's article 'Psychologists and the Royal Society'

Professor James Drever, University of Edinburgh concerning his father's [primus] visit to Meumann's Laboratory at Hamburg, January 29 1954

Mrs.M.Gibson Smith (niece of W.G.Smith), Birmingham requesting information on Psychology at Jena, Germany, 23 November 1953

Dr.Bryce requesting information on W.G.Smith, 22 November 1953

Leo ? Berkeley, California concerning Kenna's stay in America, 4 February 1950

Also included:

3-page copy typed letter from Karl Buhler to Geoffrey Leytham dated October ? 1953
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