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TitleNotes, Drafts and Research Material (Individuals and Societies)
Extent1- folder
Physical DescriptionMostly in good condition.
DescriptionFile contains handwritten and typed notes of various prominent individuals and societies in the history of psychology.

The notes appear to be research material for J.C.Kenna's own papers and publications.

Details are as follows:

Typed material:
Photocopy of 'A Technique of Relaxation' adapted from Jacobson E. 'Progressive Relaxation'
Typescript document containing a list of names entitled 'Background of Phenomenological Psychiatry' derived from K.Kollee Fortschritte.. (1964) with Phenomenology and Psychiatry references by J.C.Kenna
Typescript appendices listing Presidents, Editors, Gen.Secs, AGM's,Treasurers and other offices of the British Psychological Society, undated
Typescript listing of Honorary Fellows of The British Psychological Society, 1904-1966
Typescript list of names from Benjamin Franklin to Bernard Hart, 18th to 20th century
Typescript specimen entries (Smith, W.G. and Sully J) for a proposed Bibliographical Dictionary of Psychologists
Notes on Individuals:
Photocopy of Kulpe O, -outlines of Psychology, p.16
Photocopy of W.H.R.Rivers: a founding father worth remembering- edited version of a talk by Paul Whittle (Dept.of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge) to the Zangwill Club of the Dept. of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge 6th December 1997
Photocopy typescript abstract; Ernest Jones: Free associations: Memories of a Psychoanalyst, Hogarth Press, London 1959
Typescript biographies on the founding fathers of the British Psychological Society
Photocopy of a biography of Kleist, (Bernd) Heinrich (Wilhelm) Von (1777-1811)
Short typed biography of Isaac Toddhunter (1820-1884)
Short typed biography of William James (1842-1910)
Photocopy of an obituary of Franz Boas taken from Man, July-August 1943
Photocopy of a guide to Atlee Hunt's (1864-1935) papers in the National Library of Australia, Canberra 1964
Photocopy of Hunt's biography taken from Australian Dictionary of Biography, undated
Typescript paper of a lecture delivered to staff and students at The London Hospital by David Goldberg entitled 'The Nature of Psychological Healing', 18 May 1976
Typescript document concerning Galton's circular about a meeting to discuss the propriety of establishing a biological farm
Typescript (cut and paste) concerning Galton's 'Statistics by Intercomparison'
Typescript entitled 'Early History of Psychology in Aberdeen' (information from Professor Rex Knight)

Handwritten material:
Lecture notes on 'The experiences of the sportsman', 4 November 1981
Pencil notes on R.J.Bartlett
Photocopy of a photographed memorial on Raoul Wallenberg (1912-1947) with notes
Biography of Wilhelm Lundt (1832-1920)
Extracts from William James' 'Mood and Behaviour'
List with founding dates of various learned societies
List of members of the Torres Straits expedition 1898-1899
List of the British Psychological Society's (BPS) founding fathers with notes on specialist subjects, ages and the original structure of the the British Psychological Society
Comprehensive list of the Scientific journals of British Psychology
Draft paper on Jacobs' 'A proposed Society for Experimental Psychology'
Draft letter to Dr.Mann concerning information on Friz Grabner, 5 September 1989
Notes from Darwin and The Beagle, Moorehead A
Lists of many names with birth and death dates
Handwritten notes of Professor James Drever's (President of he British Psychological Society) speech at the Jubilee dinner, undated.

Also included in the file are copy letters from the following:

William James to his wife, Leipzig 13 November 1882
? to Francis Galton, Berkshire undated
Charles S.Myers to Francis Galton, Cambridge 7 April ?
W.McDougall, C.S.Myers, W.H.R.R.Rivers, A.F.Shand, J.Ward to ? proposing a new journal 6 April 1903
Handwritten letter from Francis Galton to Professor Waldstein, 14 December 1903
Photocopy of a handwritten journal entry mentioning W.H.R.R.Rivers, The Journals of Arnold Bennett, Cassell 1932
Copy letter from Philip Drake (Public Solicitors' Office), London thanking Miss E.Tootell, Melbourne, for gift of food parcels, 8 July 1947
Formattextual material
NotesThe History of Psychology Centre is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our users. Be aware that our catalogue contains historic terminology relating to mental health which could be considered offensive. The terminology exists within the original record and has been retained to inform users on viewpoints at the time. It in no way reflects the attitudes of the cataloguers or the British Psychological Society.
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