NameRapoport; Rhona Valerie (1927-2011); Dr
ForenamesRhona Valerie
Other Namesnee Rhona Ross, Mrs Rhona Sofer
NationalitySouth African
DatesAndPlacesCape Town
East Africa
RelationshipsMarried: Cyril Sofer, 1947, Divorced (no date)
Married: Robert Norman Rapoport, 1957
Two children (1 boy (Alin), 1 girl (Lorna))
Two Grandchildren, Tayo and Iola.
ActivityBorn: Cape Town, South Africa 29th January 1927
Died: London, 24th November 2011

University Qualifications and professional training:

Bachelor of Social Science, University of Cape Town, 1946
PhD in sociology, the London School of Economics, 1953
Psychoanalytical Training at London Institute of Psychoanalysis, 1957

Professional Career:

Acting Supervisor of Field Work, Social Science Faculty, University of Cape Town, 1946-1947
Research Assistant, Social Studies Department, Bedford College, London University, 1948-1949
Sociologist, East African Institute of Social Research, University College of East Africa, 1951-1952
Assistant Psychologist, Tavistock Clinic, London, 1952-1953
Research on Professional Women at Boston Psychopathic Hospital (whilst affiliated to Harvard), 1953-1954
Senior Sociologist, Belmont Social Rehabilitation Unit, UK, 1954-1957
Research Associate for the Joint Commission for the Study of Mental Illness and Health in the United States, 1957-1959
Lecturer on Mental Health, Harvard University School of Public Health, 1959-1966
Consultant Sociologist, Political and Economic Planning, London. Consultant to Young Peoples' Adolescent Centre, London, 1967-1971
Senior Social Scientist, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 1969-1973
Director, Institute of Family and Environmental Research, 1973
Advisory Editor, Family Process, 1966-1990
International Consultant, Psychology of Women Quarterly, and Advisory Editor, Sage Family Abstracts, 1977-1992
Founding Member, Study Commission on the Family, London, 1979-1981
Member of Working party on Work and the Family, Vienna Centre for Documentation and Research in the Social Sciences, 1980-1985
Consultant to Institute of Family Studies, Melbourne, Australia, 1981-1982
Consultant, Ford Foundation, 1983-2002
Consultant and Associate, Lichfield and Partners, 1990
Consultant to Rowntree Memorial Trust, 1991-1995
Consultant Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), 1993-1995
Consultant to Body Shop International Action Research Project, 1997-1999
Associate Member of the British Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association.
Co-Director (with Robert Rapoport) of the Institute of Family and Environmental Research, London from 1973-1996, and Director 1996-2009


Distinguished Fellow at the Centre for Gender in Organisations, Simmons Graduate School of Management, Boston, 1998-2001
Visiting Scholar, Ford Foundation, 1995-1996
Visiting Research Fellowship, Radcliffe College, Harvard, 1953-1954
American Association of University Women Fellowship, 1953-1954
Colonial Social Science Research Fellow, Uganda, 1950-1951


International Work Life Legacy Award, Families and Work Institute, USA, 2004

European Work-Life and Diversity Council Lifetime Achievement Award (2005)

Honoured in UK as one of Working Families Pioneers (2009)

Rhona Rapoport obituary published in The Guardian newspaper, (by Bettye Pruitt ), Tuesday 10 January 2012.

Sources: Rhona Rapoport's CV, Lorna McNeill (daughter) and other documentation found within the donated material

Compiled by Mike Maskill, BPS Archivist for the History of Psychology Centre.
Related NameBPS/GB/255
PublishedWorksSelected Publications:

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Dual-career Families Re-examined (2nd Edition) New Integrations of Work and Family by Rhona Rapoport Published 1976 by M. Robertson

Work and the family (Discussion paper) by Rhona Rapoport Published 1981 by Institute Of Family Studies

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'The Myth of Work-Life Balance. The Challenge of Our Time for Men, Women and Societies' by Gambles, R., Lewis., S, Rapoport, R. .Wiley and sons Ltd 2006.
SourceRhona Rapoport's CV and other documentation found within the donated material.
ConventionsInternational Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families - ISAAR(CPF) - Ottawa 1996 ISBN ISBN 0-9696035-3-3
National Council on Archives, Rules for the Construction of Personal, Place and Corporate Names, 1997

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