NameThe British Psychological Society; Scientific Affairs Board; 1973-2002; SAB
Corporate NameThe British Psychological Society
SubordinateScientific Affairs Board
Parallel NameSAB
Other NamesResearch Board 2002-
RelationshipsResearch Board, BPS Council.
ActivityThe Scientific Affairs Board (SAB) envisaged in the Society's document "The Re-organization of the Society", published in March 1972, and was appointed by BPS Council in 1973 and held its first meeting on 23 March 1974.

The SAB was empowered to set up Working Parties and Committees (as required) and, in addition, report their overall activities to BPS Council.

SAB's first terms of reference required it "to be concerned to identify and to stimulate new interests" and as such was responsible for planning, arranging and organising the scientific meetings and conferences of the Society (except the sub-systems), and for financial arrangements in connection with them. In addition the SAB was responsible for organising the Myers Lecture and for arrangements for the award of the Spearman Medal.

In 1975 the SAB explored the possibility of forming new BPS Sections to cover all interest groups, especially in the field of psychobiology and in 1976 drafted an ethical code for research with human subjects and conducted an enquiry into animal experimentation leading to a 1978 publication of Ethical Principles for Research with Human Subjects and a Report of the Working Party on Animal Experimentation.

In 1977 BPS Council approved amendments to the SAB's rules to provide for representation of every Section of the Society on the Board and to allow bona fide students who are Graduate Members of the Society to serve as student representatives.

In 1985 the SAB inaugurated an annual lecture on psychology for sixth-formers attending the British Association of Young Scientist meetings during the Annual Conference of the British Association.

In 1991 the SAB announced the start of a new annual lecture series called "The D.E.Broadbent Lecture" to be given at the London Conference.

In 1992 the SAB adopted a proposal to introduce a British Psychological Society Book Award, re-launched the 1968 William Inman Prize for the best published article on psychosomatic opthalmology and advised BPS Council to formally adopt a revised Ethical Principles for Research with Human Participants.

In 1997 the SAB established the Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology and in 1998 established a lecture in honour of the memory of Professor Hans Eysenck to be delivered at the London Conference in 1999.

The Scientific Affairs Board (SAB) was re-constituted as the Research Board in 2002.

Past SAB Chairs:

1974 to 1975 Prof. Arthur Summerfield
1975 to 1976 Prof. Mark Haggard
1976 to 1979 Prof. Kevin Connolly
1979 to 1982 Prof. R.L.Reid
1982 to 1985 Prof. P.M.A.Rabbitt
1985 to 1988 Prof. Tony Gale
1988 to 1989 Prof. Peter Morris
1989 to 1992 Prof. Vicky Bruce
1992 to 1995 Prof. George Butterworth
1995 to 2001 Prof. Dianne Berry
2001 to 2003 Prof. Stephen Cooper
2003 to 2006 Prof Dominic Abrams
2006 to 2009 Prof Martin Conway
2009 to 2015 Prof Judi Ellis
2015 to 2018 Prof Daryl O'Connor

Sources: BPS Annual Reports.

Compiled by Mike Maskill, BPS Archivist for the History of Psychology Centre.
SourceBPS Annual Reports
ConventionsInternational Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families - ISAAR(CPF) - Ottawa 1996 ISBN ISBN 0-9696035-3-3
National Council on Archives, Rules for the Construction of Personal, Place and Corporate Names, 1997

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