Ref NoBPS/001/4
TitleBPS Boards 1971-1989
Extentc 12 bound voumes, 2-box files, 14-transfer cases, 1-storall box
Physical DescriptionSome items are in poor condition
DescriptionSeries containing reports, minutes and other material concerning British Psychological Society (BPS) Board Meetings.

These bodies carried delegated responsibility from the BPS Council to act and advise within their own area of activity. The Boards could set up subcommittees, working parties and working groups comprised of members democratically elected to represent the interests of various other Society groupings and/or committees.

BPS/001/4/01 BPS Professional Affairs Board /Professional Practice Board
BPS/001/4/02 BPS Scientific Affairs Board/Research Board
BPS/001/4/03 BPS Membership and Qualifications Board/ Membership and Standards Board [ awaiting move from BPS/001/09/03 to this number]

[Archivist's note: This series contains some, but not all of the Boards which were set up by and reported directly to the BPS Council BPS/001/3/01 [later Trustees],
See also
BPS/001/9/03 for Membership Boards - Membership and Qualification Board [MQB}, Membership and Professional Training Board [MPTB], Membership and Standards Board [MSB],. Predecessor BPS/001/9/03/01 Standing Committee on Membership

BPS/001/10 for Education and Training Boards - Professional Education Board [PEB]. later Membership and Standards Board [MSB], later Education and Training Board.
also the Education & Public Engagement [EPuB] Board

BPS/001/11 for Communications Board later BPS Publications and Communications Board [PCB]. Precessors BPS/001/11/01/04 [Standing] Press Committee, BPS/001/12/04/01 Standing Publications Committee

See also
BPS/001/6/01/01 Standing Conference Committee
BPS/001/20/01/01 Standing Committee on Test Standards

FormatTextual Material
NotesThe History of Psychology Centre is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our users. Be aware that our catalogue contains historic terminology relating to mental health which could be considered offensive. The terminology exists within the original record and has been retained to inform users on viewpoints at the time. It in no way reflects the attitudes of the cataloguers or the British Psychological Society.
Previously using this number:
BPS/001/4/01 Articles and By-Laws [now moved to BPS/001/3/07/01/01 Constitution Committees]

BPS/001/4/02 Committee Meetings I.C. [now moved to BPS/001/3/01 Council Minutes]

BPS/001/4/03 Committee on the Implications of the Summerfield Report 1969-1971 [now moved to BPS/001/11/04]

BPS/001/4/04 Committee on the Legal Registration of Psychologists in the UK [an erroneous duplicate catalogue entry for filel in BPS/001/9/05/01/02 Working Party on the Legal Registration of Psychologists in the UK]

BPS/001/4/05 Committee on New Journal in Social and Clinical Psychology [now moved to BPS/001/12/10/01]

BPS/001/4/06 Committee on Training in Psychology 1963-1975 [ now moved to BPS/001/10/01/01 Education and Training Committees]

BPS/001/4/07 Co-ordinating Committee of Senior Psychologists in the National Health Service 1960-1966 moved to BPS/001/14/02

BPS/001/4/08 BPS Public Relations Committee 1955-1956 [now moved to BPS/001/11/01/01 Press Committees

BPS/001/4/09 Standing Committee on Publications-SubSeries [now moved to BPS/001/12/01/01]

BPS/001/4/10 Standing Committee on Test Standards-SubSeries [now moved to BPS/001/20/01]

BPS/001/4/11 Steering Committee on Formation of Division of Therapeutic Psychology [now moved to BPS/002/5/01]

BPS/001/4/12 Steering Committee on Registration [now moved to BPS/001/9/05/01/01]

BPS/0014/13 BPS Press and Information Committee and the Psychologist Editorial Committee [now moved to BPS/001/11/01 Press Committees and BPS/001/12/02/08/01 The Psychologist Committees]
Wellcome Ref: PSY/BPS/1/4
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Location16: Wellcome Library
13: BPS History of Psychology Centre, London
18: Wellcome Library Off Site Storage
TermEducational testing
AdminHistoryThe British Psychological Society and its secretariat were restructed in 1973 setting up a Scientific Affairs Board and a Professional Affairs Board. A later restructure in 2002 changed the names to Research Board and Professional Practice Board respectively.
Other Boards were created to cover other functions of the Society

RulesDescription compiled in line with the following standard
ISAD (G) General International Standard Archival Description.
ArchNoteCompiled by Mike Maskill BPS Archivist for the History of Psychology Centre.

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BPS/GB/260The British Psychological Society; Scientific Affairs Board; 1973-2002; SAB1973-2002
BPS/GB/261The British Psychological Society; Professional Affairs Board; 1973-2002; PAB1973-2002
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