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TitleBPS Treasurers' Correspondence 1961-1966
Extent1 folder
DescriptionFile contains typed correspondence, and other miscellaneous printed documents accumulated by two Honorary Treasurers of the British Psychological Society (BPS) , Dr Alastair Heron 1961 to May 1963 and Dr.Peter H.Venables 1963 to 1966.

Details include:

Typed correspondence between Dr Alastair Heron and the following (1961-1963):

Rt.Hon.Selwyn Lloyd, C.B.E., M.P. House of Commons concerning the effects of the rating and valuation bill, February to March 1961

Dr.Peter McKellar concerning subscriptions to the Society, 29th to 31st of May 1962

Miss Thelma Veness, B.A. Editor of the Society's Bulletin concerning policy about offprints, 29th September, 1962

Professor L.S.Hearnshaw, M.A. Editor ,British Journal of Psychology Monograph Supplements concerning costs balance to be paid by the University of Adelaide, 18th February, 1963

Mr.R.Lakowski, M.A. University of Edinburgh concerning subscription arrears, 1961 to 1963

Mr.R.O.Anderson, Director, George G. Harrap and Co. Ltd concerning advice on psychological matters, 14th February 1963 to 26th February 1963
Typed correspondence between Dr.Peter H.Venables and the following:

Miss Grace Rawlings, B.A. Hon.Gen Sec.BPS concerning written acceptance of Hon.Treasurer's post, 7th and 8th of May, 1963 (Venables' reply 10th May)

Dr.Gwynne Jones, Hon. Sec. BPS concerning possible meeting 21st May, 1963 (reply 22nd May)
(also included is a letter to Dr.Jones from Dr.Boris Semeonoff , Editor Br.J.of Psychology concerning Prof.Semeonoff's end of editorship,
13th November, 1963,

draft letter from Dr.Jones to the Secretary New Zealand branch, January 1964 and a letter from the Australian branch increasing dues payable to London 24 April 1964)

Mr.F.H.Partridge, Exec.Secretary BPS concerning increase in student membership 28th May,1963,

British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology printing costs 3rd July, 1963,

outstanding subscriptions 8th August 1963,

delinquents 12th August 1963, 13th August 1963 [handwritten],

Annual conference (Leicester) charges for 1964, 12th November, 1963,

accounts, 18th December 1963, 27th November 1964

office machinery, 3 February 1964,

investments, 3 February 1964, 8th May 1964, 29th May 1964

Br.J. of Educational Psychology deficit 6 February 1964,

expenses situation, 12 March 1964

list of members who pay by standing order (copy enclosed), 13 March 1964,

draft letter concerning subscription offenders, 17 March 1964

F.&G.P. meeting (3 April 1964) 18 March 1964,

Metheun's interest in publishing BPS monograph supplements, 23 June 1964

Br.J.of Social and Clinical Psychology CUP stocks 28 October 1966.

Dr.Arthur H.Brayfield APA concerning price increase of BPS journals, 4 May 1964

Dr.B.Semeonoff, Editor Br.J.of Psychology page allocation 16 March 1964 and 17 March 1964

Dr.R.R.Skemp concerning payment of expenses 12 March 1964

Mrs.Margaret Austin Hon.Sec.BPS Australian Branch concerning dues payable and underpayment 6 July 1964

Professor Arthur Summerfield, President BPS concerning uneconomic position of the Society, 6th June 1963 [ Prof.Summerfield's reply 7th June 1963 includes 2- thermal copy letters addressed to Lord Hayworth and Rt.Hon. R.A.Butler concerning their appointments on a Committee on Research in the Social Sciences, 31st May, 1963], outcome of Dr.Alistair Heron's discussions with Equity Insurance's property expert (copy letter enclosed) 26th June 1963
(also included is a copy letter from Dr. K.M.Miller to Prof.Summerfield concerning Australian branch overseas subscription, 20 January 1964 and a report of the council on overseas branches)

2- letters for information from George Shoukawith, President New Zealand Psychological Society concerning registration and autonomy 23 March and 6 April 1964

Dr. Thomas Freeman concerning over-running page allocation in the Br.J. of Medical Psychology, 16th July to 13th August 1963

Cambridge University Press concerning extra printing of journals, 13th December, 1963, discount 4th March 1964

Professor R.L.Reid concerning programming 8 February 1964 and 20th February 1964
Other correspondence:

Typed letter from Robert Maxwell Publisher, Pergamon Press Ltd to the President of the BPS concerning a new printing works in Bletchley, 4th December, 1963

Copy typed letter from the Under Secretary BMA to Mr.F.H.Partridge Exec.Secretary BPS concerning draft rule 83 (b), 17th March 1966
Miscellaneous documents including:

Printed BPS booklet entitled 'Application for Incorporation by Royal Charter', February 1963

3-typed draft letters (unsigned)

typed voting form concerning cost of journals to members of the Australian Psychological Society

BPS Annual Conference 1964 advance information and cost estimates

lists of cheques forwarded to the Honorary Treasurer to sign, 10 October 1963, 29 July 1963 and 26 July 1963

typed BPS statement of travelling expenses 1963-1964

section accounts for 1964 (Occupational, medical and EDPP)

3- printed special general meeting notices, 15 June 1966

2-page typed document 'Revised Recommendations of the Committee on Programmed Learning'

1-page typed BPS Business for the Council item 1, Finance matters 14 February, 1964

2- pages typed BPS Business for the Council item 24, Finance 15 February 1964

1- page typed BPS Business for the Finance and General Purposes Committee, 4 October 1963

1- page typed Meeting F.and G.P. Committee notice 11 January 1964

2- page typed BPS Business for the Finance and General Purposes Committee, 5th July 1963

1- page typed document addressed to All Members of the Finance and General Purposes Committee concerning Royal Charter and Incorporation
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ArchNoteCompiled by Mike Maskill BPS Archivist for the History of Psychology Centre.

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