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TitleBPS English Division of Professional Psychologists (Education and Clinical) Standing Sub-Committee on Training V
Extent1- Folder
DescriptionFolder containing typed minutes, papers and correspondence concerning the British Psychological Society English Division of Professional Psychologists (EDPP) (Education and Clinical) Standing Sub-Committee on Training.

Contents include:

Typed Division Committee minutes for 11th January and 26th September 1964 and agendas
Typed minutes of the AGM 2nd February 1963.
Typed minutes of the Standing Sub-Committee on Training meeting 16th November 1964.
Typed documents including Business for the Division Committee and Council, annual reports and training reports.

Typed correspondence between Mr.F.H.Partridge, Executive Secretary, British Psychological Society (BPS) and the following:

Miss Grace Rawlings, General Secretary BPS concerning: Division meetings, 6th November 1961
J.R.Fish Esq. Honorary Secretary English Division of Professional Psychologists concerning the use of tests 1st November 1962,
Dr.R.Hetherington vocational guidance course, 27th December 1962
Dr.M ahesh Desai concerning draft on In-service Training, 17th January 1962, co-ordinating committee of Senior Psychologists 25th January 1962,
Dr.Phillip Williams Hon.Sec.EDPP concerning BMA portering services for Saturday meetings 17th May1963, EDPP matters discussed at the last meeting of the council 17th July 1963,
Resignations of Dr.Yana and Dr.Williams 30th May 1963

Typed correspondence between Miss Grace Rawlings, Deputy President BPS and the following:

C.Graham concerning ministry research grant 23rd March 1962,
J.R.Fish Esq. Hon.Secretary English Division of Professional Psychologists, concerning elected members of the Division, 9th May 1962, 7th December 1962, 11th October 1962, journal articles 17th July 1962,
Elections, 30th January 1963
Dr.Phillip Williams Hon.Sec.EDPP concerning election of members, 9th July 1963

Typed correspondence between J.R.Fish Esq. Hon.Secretary English Division of Professional Psychologists and the following:

B.Berthold Wolf, New York University concerning ballot forms, 27th December 1962
Elections, 30th January 1963

Typed correspondence between Mrs.H.J.Glover, Membership Secretary BPS and the following:

Dr.Phillip Williams Hon.Sec. EDPP concerning election of Mr.J.R.Wilson and the resignation of Dr.Liebmann, 27th February 1963

Typed correspondence between Dr.Phillip Williams Hon.Sec. EDPP and the following:

Miss Grace Rawlings Deputy President BPS concerning applications for membership, 15th March 1963, 9th May 1963, Mr.D.W.McKerracher's supervision 7th May 1964

H.Gwynne Jones Hon.Gen.Sec BPS concerning applications for membership of the Division, 27th November 1963, 18th December 1963, adequate in-service training 22nd January 1964, working party on the clinical psychology diploma 22nd January 1964, psychologist's public image 12th February 1964, dyslexia and remedial education course proceedings 20th April 1964,
publication of a document on the assessment of physically handicapped children 30th June 1964, need for a press officer undated.

Dr. J.E.Orme Sheffield No.2 Management Committee concerning lack of adequate supervision for potential members 2nd January 1964

Mr.F.H.Partridge, Exec.Secretary BPS concerning expenses and papers 19th March 1964, draft reply to Dr.Desai concerning working parties and courses, 7th September 1964, requesting a copy from the archives of a recording by Sir Cyril Burt on Galton 8th September 1964, Society's policy on wording in advertisements for Educational Psychologists 9th October 1964, honours for Mr.James Lumsden and Miss Norah Gibbs 14th October 1964, council correspondence 18th November 1964.
Dr.M.Desai concerning a list of working parties, 28th August 1964,

5-pages thermal copies of a circular letter from Dr. M.M.Desai, Secretary Co-Ordinating Committee of Senior Psychologists in the NHS concerning roles of the BPS, 28th August 1964

3- 55-page typed booklet containing a selection of papers which were presented at the English Division of Professional Psychologists (Educational and Clinical) course on 'Delinquency and Crime' held at the University of Keele 24-27 July 1964

4-46- page typed EDPP reports entitled 'Notes on the Assessment of Children with Physical Handicaps' 1966

1-19-page typed DECP Case Studies Supplement to the Notes on the Assessment of Children with Physical Handicaps report
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BPS/GB/25Rawlings; Grace (1909-1988); OBE, FBPsS1909-1988
BPS/GB/01Burt; Sir; Cyril Lodowic (1883-1971); Professor1883-1971
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