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TitleStanley Milgram 'Obedience' Experiment photograph
SiteObedience 1968 Stanley Milgram.
Extent1 photograph
Physical Descriptionblack and white photograph
DescriptionA black and white still photograph from the film Obedience, showing a participant during Standley Milgram's obedience experiement in front of the shock generator. Starting in 1963. a series of social psychology experiments were conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They measured the willingness of study participants, men from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education, to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience. Participants were led to believe that they were assisting an unrelated experiment, in which they had to administer electric shocks to a "learner." These fake electric shocks gradually increased to levels that would have been fatal had they been real.
Obedience was a black-and-white film of the experiment, shot by Milgram himself.
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Includes letter of permission from Alexandra Milgram (9 February 2012) - image used as a backgound on the Origins History of Psychology project poster on 'Ethics'
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TermSocial psychology
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