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TitleVarious Correspondence
Extent1- folder
DescriptionFile contains 4- tied bundles of typed correspondence received and sent by Dr.Wolff including 4- loose bundles in English [various quantities].

Each bundle has a typed list of names and dates as follows:

4- Tied bundles:

Title: Correspondence- English 1954-1979 containing:

Ken Adams, death of his wife Grace; Dr.Wolff's old friend, 1976
B.B.C. Palmistry for Woman's Hour, 1957
Norma Benney, Sequel, short story award, 1978-1979
Board for Social Responsibility, board's Working Party, 1976-1979
Pat Bourne (A.L.Barker) 1978-1979
Claus Bronsted, Denmark, (from Dr.Wolff), 1977
Paul Bunting, (from Dr.Wolff), 1974
Christel Buschmann (translator of 'On the Way to Myself'), 1972 [in German]
Peter Cadogan, Gen.Sec. SPES, 1977
David Caudrey, Australia, (he helped with the statistics for 'Bisexuality at UCL), 1979-1980
Dr.Sidney Crown, Editor B.J.P. [British Journal of Psychology (from Dr.Wolff), 1979
Dubowitz, Children's Hospital, Sheffield, 1969 [also contains a page from 'The Lancet' with
Dr.Wolff's letter attached]
Virginia H?, Australia, 1969
Mary Elizabeth Hill, 1978
David Jacobs, B.B.C (from Dr.Wolff), 1978
Madeleine Knight, 1979
Sarah Lawson, 1977 (with photocopies of Ms. Lawson's poems attached)
Denis Lemon (ed. Gay News), 1977
Anthony Masters, 1979
Sally Miles, 1979
Rachel Redgrave (nee Kempson), 1979
Ruth Riddick, 1973
Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1972-1973
Dr.K.V. Sanderson, 1978
Dr. P.Saldana-Garcia, 1979
V.I.Sanarov, USSR, 1978
Dr. M. Siegelman, 1972
Don Smith, 1979
Joan Smith, 1969
Michael Townson, BBC, 1977
Dr. C.A.Tripp, 1977
Title: Correspondence -English 1979-1983 containing:

Arts Club, 1980
Dorothy Ash, 1983
British Book News, 1981
Mr. A.L.Carr, 1983
Michele Causse, undated
Charlotte Crozet, 1981
Jonathan Fryer, 1981
Josephine Gear, 1981
Victor Gollancz (Ltd) , 1981
Atina Grossmann, 1980
Prof. Erwin J.Haeberle, 1981
Prof. Pietro Insana, 1981
Christopher Isherwood (from Dr.Wolff), 1981
Kyle Ingrid Johnson, 1980-1981
Miss Lyn Joycefield, 1981
Hans Lehfeld, 1981
Prof. Dr. Stephan Leibfried, 1981
Mrs Patricia Marne, 1982
Yvonne McFarlane, Dorling Kindersley Ltd, 1982
Michelle?, 1980
G.M.Muller, 1982
Nigel Nicolson, 1980
Prof. Omer-Cooper, 1980
Dr.J.N.Porter, 1982
Jasper Ridley, 1980
Peter Robinson, 1983
Brenda Sivers, 1981 (from Dr.Wolff)
Richenda Scott, 1980
Mrs. E.M.Squibb, 1980 (from Dr.Wolff)
Mrs Spier, 1982
T.L.S. (from Dr.Wolff), 1980-1981
Mr. Raymond Wallis, 1984

Note: Alwyn Latham, 1981 is mentioned on the list but was not found in the file, however there is one letter left over addressed 32, Eardly Crescent, which may be this letter.
Title: Correspondence-English- 1982-1986

National Westminster Bank, 1954-1986
Blacket Gill and Swain, Beattie and Co. [solicitors], 1982-1985
Rubinstein Callingham [solicitors], 1980- 1986
1- letter from the Medical Defence Union, 1978
Title: Correspondence- English- 1983-1986

Birgit Benitz, 1982-1984
BBC TV, (Celia Lowenstein), 1983
Pat Bourne (A.L.Barker), 1982-1986
Dr. Ruth Cigman, 1983
Martin Gealer, 1985-1986
Nicci Gerrard, 1986
Betty Gold, New York, 1984-1985
Mr.P.A.Gomez, 1983
Anthony Grey, 1984
Francis King, 1986
Mrs A.M.Millard, Barclays Bank Trust Co. and Turnerised Roofing Company Ltd, 1985
Alun Phillips, 1985
A.L.Rees, 1979
Peter and Rosemary Richardson, 1978-1986
Royal Dental Hospital, 1984-1985
Mr.V.I.Sanarov, 1984
Time Out (ed.), 1986
Mrs Cornelia Usbourne, 1984
Dr.Geoff Watts, BBC Radio 4 'Medicine Now', programme 1986
Janet Watts, 1986
Unknown letter [George Eliot? handwritten on back] dated 7th October 1984
4- Loose bundles of correspondence as follows:

Prof. James Steakley, New York, 1984-1985
Mr. Gary Pulsifer, Writers and Readers Publishers, 1981-1986
P.E.N., 1981-1986 (Josephine Pullein-Thompson and Peter Day).
Charlotte ?, Freiburg, 1979-1984
Formattextual material
NotesThe History of Psychology Centre is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our users. Be aware that our catalogue contains historic terminology relating to mental health which could be considered offensive. The terminology exists within the original record and has been retained to inform users on viewpoints at the time. It in no way reflects the attitudes of the cataloguers or the British Psychological Society.
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