NameThe British Psychological Society; Division of Clinical Psychology; 1966-; (DCP)
Corporate NameThe British Psychological Society
SubordinateDivision of Clinical Psychology
Epithet (DCP)
Parallel NameDCP
Other NamesDCP
RelationshipsSubsystem of the British Psychological Society
ActivityFormed in 1966 the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) is the part of the British Psychological Society that represents Clinical Psychologists in the UK.

The DCP is run by elected national and local committees. The majority of clinical psychologists (either qualified, training, or working as Asst. Psychologists in the NHS) are members of the Division of Clinical Psychology. An organisation which is wholly devoted to furthering the development of clinical psychology both as a body of knowledge, skills and as a profession.

1966 Chair M M Desai Hon Sec J P S Robertson
1967 Chair M M Desai, Hon Sec D A Black
1968 Chair M M Desai, Hon Sec Paul T Brown
1969 Chair M A Davidson, Hon Sec Paul T Brown
1970 Chair M A Davidson, Hon Sec Paul T Brown
1971 Chair M A Davidson, Hon Sec Paul T Brown
1972 Chair J Drewery Hon Sec A R Dabbs
1973 Chair J Drewery Hon Sec A R Dabbs
1974 Chair J Drewery Hon Sec J W Patten
1975 Chair David Castell Hon Sec V E Barden
1976 Chair David Castell Hon Sec V E Barden
1977 Chair F McPherson Hon Sec V E Barden
1978 Chair F McPherson Hon Sec J Patten
1979 Chair F McPherson Hon Sec D J Mulhall
1980 Chair B J B Kat Hon Sec D J Mulhall
1981 Chair B J B Kat Hon Sec D J Mulhall
1982 Chair B J B Kat Hon Sec D J Mulhall
1983 Chair Fraser Watts Hon Sec D J Mulhall
1984 Chair D F Clark Hon Sec C Cullen
1985 Chair C Cullen Hon Sec M Annie Holmes
1986 Chair C Cullen Hon Sec M Annie Holmes
1987 Chair A H Pattie, Hon Sec M Annie Holmes
1988 Chair Jamie R G Furnell Hon Sec Annie Holmes
1989 Chair Ian G McPherson Hon Sec Liz Wilkinson
1990 Chair Peter Wilcock Hon Sec Liz Wilkinson
1991 Chair Malcolm Adams Hon Sec Liz Wilkinson
1992 Chair Glenys Parry /Malcolm Adams Hon Sec Stephen Bell
1993 Chair Pat Frankish Hon Sec Stephen Bell
1994 Chair Pat Frankish Hon Sec Stephen Bell
1995 Chair S M Gardner Hon Sec Jonquil Drinkwate
1996 Chair Adrian Skinner Hon Sec Jonquil Drinkwater
1997 Chair Pat Guinan Hon Sec Jonquil Drinkwater
1998 Chair Lesley S Cohen Hon Sec Mary O'Reilly
1999 Chair Peter Harvey Hon Sec Mary O'Reilly
2000 Chair Ray Miller Hon Sec Mary O'Reilly
2001 Chair Ian Gray Hon Sec Karen Ehlert
2002 Chair Mike Way Hon Sec Karen Ehlert
2003 Chair Dorothy Fielding Hon Sec Karen Ehlert
2004 Chair Peter Kinderman Hon Sec Felix Davies
2005 Chair Graham Turpin Hon Sec Felix Davies
2006-07 Chair Tim Cate
2007-12 Chair Jenny Taylor Hon Sec Christine D'Netto
2010-11 Chair Peter Kinderman
2012-16 Chair Richard Pemberton
2016-18 Chair Esther Cohen-Tovee
2018-19 Chair Julia P Faulconbridge
2019-20 Chair Roman Raczka

From BPS Annual Report 1966, 'The proposal to form the Division was approved at a General Meeting of the Society held at University College London on 17th December 1965. The first meeting of the Division was convened by the Honorary General Secretary of the Society at the University of Sussex on 10th January 1966.'
Also in 1966, 'A Joint Working Party with the EDPP and SDPP was set up to consider relationships and areas of co-operation.... As a number of psychologists appeared to be uncertain whether the appropriate Division for them was the Division of Educational and Child Psychology or the Deivision of Clinical Psychology the representatives of these two Divisions in the Working Party met agin on 31st August and preapared a joint statement on the needs respectively by each Division. An amended version of this statement was afterwards approved by each Division Committee for publication.'

1969 BPS Annual Report, 1969, Division of Clinical Psychology Report notes 10 branches in England (Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester, S.E. Metropolitan, East Anglia, S.W. Metropolitan, N.E. Metropolitan, N.W. Metropolitan, Birmingham, Leeds) and 4 in Scotland (East, North East, South East, West)
1970 BPS Annual Report, 1970, Division of Clinical Psychology Report notes an additional branch formed in Oxford.
1971 BPS Annual Report, notes an additional branch in N.E. Midlands.
1972 BPS Annual Report, notes much discussion taken up by proposed re-organisation of the NHS and how to respond to the changes. 1973 Annual Report notes a standing sub-committee set up by the Division to address this, particularly in relation to the Trethowan Committee.
1976 BPS Annual Report notes that New Branch Constitution Guidelines have been drawn up and discussed by Branches. The Division Branches now renewing their Constitutions accordingly.
1977 Publication of the Trethowan Report, 'The Role of Psychologists in the Health Service', published May 1977. Members May Davidson, Alan Clarke and Gwynne Jones had served on the Committee.

Related NameBPS/GB/11
PublishedWorksSee also Division of Clinical Psychology Newsletters 1967-1985, later Clinical Psychology Forum 1986-2001; Clinical Psychology 2001-2005; then reverting to Clinical Psychology Forum 2005 - date and the British Psychological Soceity published journal - British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 1962-1980 later the British Journal of Clinical Psychology 1981date both available at Senate House Library.
SourceBio sources taken from the Society's website accessed 21/05/2005. Chairs from BPS Annual reports accessed February 2018
ConventionsInternational Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families - ISAAR(CPF) - Ottawa 1996 ISBN ISBN 0-9696035-3-3
National Council on Archives, Rules for the Construction of Personal, Place and Corporate Names, 1997

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